Games are fun and adventures and I have been playing video games for over 26 years now. I love them.

Long time ago; you played it at your will; till you got bored or you beat it. In both cases you won and the game lost.

As time passed, the games became smarter. They started giving you a false illusion of winning and while you felt rewarding; as you tapped along but as soon as you stopped; it left a bad taste and an unfulfilling sense of being.

The game was always one up, you could not beat it anymore and neither could you get yourself to stop playing it. You weren’t sure as to what was going on but deep inside it felt wrong. When you finally did stop playing it for good; you weren’t happy about yourself for playing it for so long.

Games started imitating human life more closely.

“Success is not a destination but it is a continuous journey” [Farmville]
“Winning is a state of mind” [Candy Crush]
don’t quit” [Game of War]

Well guess what ? I have a life already – it is busy and challenging, I want to fill the gaps by playing ton of games; I want to beat the crap out of them; win; be happy about it and stop playing them when I feel to do so. It’s a freaking game for godsake.

The more time I spent making games, the patterns started to emerge. Every industry spends a ton of money on research, and one of the major research vertical is “how to make the product more addictive”. Industry hires the best minds and focus their energies in defining and reproducing the addictive triggers.

The loop is simple to understand:

Make them do X -> Reward them -> Make them do more of X


The reward and cue system exist to promote reinforcement of desired behavior. I think this is great science but to what end?

I fell in love with data and analytics during my time with Zynga. I learnt how to collect it, analyze it and understand it. I also learnt how not to freaking use it to extract the last dime of players lives. (the argument, are we losing money on the table)

I have been making games for 16 years now and 6 months ago I started working on my dream project; defining how the new and emerging India will play games for fun and fulfillment.

I have an exceptionally talented, committed and a focused team and we are gearing up for 2016 launch. While we are good to start our journey but to see it through we are few heroes short…

I’m hiring for Product Crafters. The mandate is to make games that ends; leaving the players fulfilled and with a smile. The person is in grip with big and complex data analysisat ease with ambiguity and on top of emerging market trends – he or she challenges Status Quo and builds for the end user (period).

This is a level free opening, it does not matter if you have 1 year of experience or 10+ years, what matters is that you believe in enriching player’s moment of fun and joy.

Interested? email me: sumit.mehra@moonfrog.com